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Heartbreaking Simpsons Moments 1/∞: Bart Gets an F

I never understood why it’s an F if he gets more than half out of 100? Unless it’s more than 100. If you get more than half the answers right how is it an F?

You must not be from America. Here, grading is fucked up.

Average American Grading Scale:
A+- 97-100
A - 94-96
A- - 90-93
B- 80-89
C- 70-79
D- 60-69
F- 59 and under

And in some places in America it goes by a 7 point scale, so it’d be
A - 100-93
B - 92-85
C - 84-78
D - 77-70
F - 69 and below

Now you understand why American kid’s feel like there’s no point to school. If you have a 100 question text, and get 79 of them correct, that’s a C. That mean’s your Average Intelligence on this particular subject. And it get’s even worse when you have only like… a 10 question quiz. If you get two wrong? that’s a B. 80%. Now tell me again why American school’s are easier? 

No wait but whats the grading system in other countries?

UK Grading Scale

100-70: A

69-60: B

59-50: C

49-40: D

Below 40: F

next time you try to tell americans that we’re stupid

i’m gonna remind you

that our “average” is your “A”

Yep I was shocked when I heard this in a different post but a Google search pulls up a ton of sites backing this up.
I woulda passed College Algebra with an A in the UK. And I spent the end of the semester in perpetual fear that I would fail and have to retake the class.

And basically as an American you’re expected to get 80 or higher. Technically 70s are considered ‘average’ but there is such a level of pressure to get a B or higher, that Cs have become equal to Ds. Basically anything under 60 you might as well gotten a 0, and anything between 60-80 is considered practically failing. So basically schools have to be designed to make sure majority of students are getting 80s or higher on specific topics, which means you’re spending all your time going over a few choice facts a billion times and there is very little room to teach anything else. Which explains why American schools are of such low quality. The insane demand on the students ends up wrecking their education. Not only do you not have time to teach them anything, but they end up hating learning. Even outside of school your life is dedicated to memorizing these few dumb facts because your homework ends up taking hours of your time. A teacher from one subject says they expect you to spend 2 hours every night on their homework. And if you’re studying 5 subjects and they all demand that 2 hours? Good luck, because if you don’t have straight all 80s or higher you’re not getting into a good college and college degrees have somehow become the minimum requirement for getting jobs.

I spent most of my junior year of high school in a state of constant panic that I was going to get a C in Honors Physics much less fail the class. If I got a C on my report card, I was grounded until the next one. I lost count of the times I’d wake up at five in the morning to take the early bus to go in for zero hour before school actually started for the day

File this under the exact reason so many Americans detest going to school.

but then there’s also the curriculum and how it’s taught 

And shitty teachers and my FAVORITE which is AP classes. Also known as ‘if you live anywhere where school doesn’t end in May, you have to cram a months work of school in SOMEWHERE because the tests start second week of May! And you get out in June!

guys I know it’s this thing to complain about school and the grading system and the points system and I know the education system in America isn’t perfect but we are still very, very lucky to have the right to an education and though you should speak out about what’s wrong with the education system you should also try to find the things that are right with it. Too many people just obsess over hating school so much (rather than trying to improve it or make the most of it - trust me, I bitched about a lot of unfairness in school every single day) that they don’t even try to be educated or curious and shoot down everything they’re presented with.

I bitch about awful techniques and professors and everything all the freaking time, but I still cherish the opportunity to learn. The classes I’ve loved the most in my life are the ones in which I didn’t even care what my grade was because I just enjoyed the subject and learning and experience of it all. 

So we may have a lot of issues in our educations system, but we also have a lot of good things, and I hate to break it to people who don’t know this but the reason so many foreigners come here for college is because we have the best colleges in the world. 

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